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So. If you're still with me. That is what happens when you present battery acid with a convenient circuit path to distribute that source imbalance. And current flow is a primary event that simply describes the path of zipons moving through the circuit - head to toe, shoulder to shoulder, as a field, in a continuous line, while they move their fields through space and in time. When they return to the source through that space, they will present an opposite justification at the source. And they will then re-enter the amalgam with an altered 'spin' - return to the same atoms and molecules from whence the originated. But having altered their spin they also profoundly alter the state of imbalance previously evident in that valence imbalance. The atoms have not changed. Some of their molecules may change. And the net imbalanced charge distribution at the source is diminished at a profound level. It becomes neutralised and changed. One half of all the zipon fields that are extraneous to the matter in that amalgam will have altered their spin in relation to the other half.

But zipons can only interact with other zipons. They do not interact with electrons, photons, protons or - indeed - with any 'gross' forms of matter. They simply surround that matter. They only interact with other zipons. And zipons are the base substance of magnetic fields. They move at twice the speed of light, they have half the mass of a photon, and their movement - as current or in any other form, precedes our own time frame. We see the effects of the current flow long after the event of current flow. They interact with or borrow the fields that are presented in adjacent materials and forge a path through that material in order to present an alternate charge at the source. Unlike the previous condition of those fields, the zipons now do not need to move in a continual and chaotic way in order to avoid presenting their like spin to neighbouring fields that also have a like spin.

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