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Testimonial - Still cancer free after 15 years

Approximately 15 years ago, doctors told Cary Walker that he had cancer throughout his upper and lower intestinal track.

"They told me I would have to have surgery or I would die in six months," said Walker. "They also told me I only had a 50/50 chance of survival. I told them I didn't have the money or any insurance to pay for this. After hearing this, they said they couldn't help me."

A month later, through friends at church, Walker learned of Dr. Castillo.
At 62" and weighing only 135 pounds by this time, Walker agreed to see the doctor as a last resort. He figured he had nothing to lose. He had already lost hope and was ready to die.

Too weak to walk on his own, Walker was carried into the clinic by friends.

According to Walker, Dr. Castillo asked him, "Do you want to live?"

Walker answered, "No, not like this." Dr. Castillo asked again, "But do you want to live?

After replying YES, Walker began undergoing various treatments under the watchful eye of Dr. Castillo. Within three days Walker began to walk a little. In the following four months, he had gained back enough weight to allow him to take long strolls around the clinic. Five months later he was able to return to work.

A year after first being seen by Dr. Castillo, Walker's cancer had virtually disappeared.

"The doctors at the hospital (in the U.S.) told me I was an impostor and not the same person they had sent home to die," said Walker after making a surprise visit to his former doctor.

Walker credits Dr. Castillo for saving his life. "The doctor never once was concerned about the money aspect. It really is a miracle I'm still here."

Still cancer free after 15 years, Walker spends much of his time taking new patients down to see Dr. Castillo. "I have seen hundreds of people benefit from the doctor's care," said Walker.
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