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I need to point to nebulae generally because it becomes a relatively easy mental reference in describing the difference between the particle and the field and its proposed manifest truants. Else the frame of reference tends to become confusing. And since it is also proposed that these nebulae are the source of all matter then it is also be apt as a primary reference.

I propose that the magnetic fields that form the universe comprise really, really long strings of zipons that align, head to toe, so to speak. And I've proposed that all magnetic fields are toroidal. This toroidal shape is not exactly evident in a bar magnet because the path of the flux through the body of a bar magnet is both hidden and constricted to the shape of the magnet. However, if one follows the line of the orbit, then the south/north, so to speak, passage through the body of the magnet simply completes the journey of the flux back to the second phase of the flux cycle, north/south, outside the body of the magnet. In effect the flux is toroidal but the shape not so clearly evident in your average bar magnet. Therefore, as it is proposed that a magnetic flux field is toroidal then it is also proposed that the universe itself may be toroidal. The strings of zipons, in turn, join - in long lines throughout the entire universe. Which, in turn, makes for some really, really long strings.

But the outer strings of that toroid would be longer than the inner strings. So there would be an intrinsic difference to the actual energy in each string. However, the shorter inner strings are supported by neighbouring strings which gives them a lateral strength, or force, or energy that would be equal to the longer outer strings. In effect, what I am trying to describe is that the proportion of balance and charge throughout the toroid would be precisely and evenly distributed in each of its parts - each part being precisely the same as every other part. In effect no part of the field could be distinguishable from another. No variation. A smooth structured balanced field with all parts moving in precise synchonicity with the next, shoulder to shoulder and head to toe.

In the event that one of those string broke loose, for whatever reason then the proposal is that the zipons in the string would lose their velocity determined by their orbit in the field, or they would increase their velocity. Both possibilities are probable, and in either event they would lose their structure as a string and collapse into a field of dissassociated particles, half of which would be manifest as truants. This is proposed as the advent of nebulae that appear in space. Just broken strings that have collapsed together as a result of a break in the earlier and orderly distribution of the zipons in the field and the string itself.

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