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The reason I propose that the particle in a magnetic field is not visible is because of a principle that I described as a boundary constraint. In terms of this I drew an analogy to a machine that propels stones. Assume that the machine is in a vacuum - no extraneous forces, and that the machine always propels stones with a constant force. So. The smaller the stone the further the throw and vice versa. But if the stone is too small the machine can't detect it. And likewise, too big and the machine can't throw it. Those interactions of the stone with the field point to an inverse proportional relation to the distance and force at which stones can be thrown. And, those extreme limits are proposed as the machine's boundary constraints.

In the same way I'm proposing that light can deflect off everything provided always that it's within light's boundary constraints. We know that light cannot detect particles in a magnetic field because we have never found a particle even with the use of light which is the fastest thing with which we can measure speed. If it exceeds light speed it may be because the particles in that field are too small to be detected. And - to satisfy the symmetries proposed by the concept of momentum as this relates to velocity and mass - it is also proposed that just perhaps, velocity and mass are inversely proportional.

So. If light speed is a measure of a photon's energy - which it is, then if something is smaller than the mass of a photon it may, correspondingly have a greater velocity. And if such a magnetic particle is both smaller and faster than light itself, then it would be moving outside our measurable dimensions. In effect it would precede the timeframe of light itself. Light is, in effect the limit to our measurable dimensions.

But having said that, it is clear that flux shares our own dimensions of space. It may, however, precede our time frame simply because it's velocity may exceed light speed. In effect our own three dimensions of space are shared with magnetic flux but the actual time frame of that flux may exceed our own.