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the following 6 posts are simply copied from the Naked Scientists forum. Saves me the trouble of repeating the arguments.


Farraday established that changing magnetic fields induce electric fields. And Maxwell balanced that by establishing that changing electric fields also induce magnetic fields. What has never been established is the electric field in a magnet on magnet interaction. This question has been addressed but never answered. I've presumed to suggest that there is no such electric field. The proposal is therefore based on the concept that a magnetic field may be a primary force and that the electromagnetic interaction may be a secondary phenomenon based on some interaction with this primary magnetic field.

In effect, my model 'lives or dies' by this observation. So. If there is a KNOWN electric field in a magnet on magnet interaction - then I am wrong at get go. If anyone can prove a hidden electric field in a magnet on magnet interaction then the existence of that electric field will conclusively defy this entire field model.

I am however, reasonably certain of this premise - having gone into it at some considerable depth and with acknowledged experts in the field. There has, apparently, been one experiment conducted. The results were inconclusive. Otherwise the question has been substantially mooted. There is, however consensus that there is an ASSUMPTION of an electric field within the material of the magnet. But this has yet to be proved.

So. If that premise is taken as a possibility - no need to insist on it at this stage - then that is the first foundational concept of the magnetic field model. It is that a magnetic field is a primary force in the same way as gravity is seen as a primry force.

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