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Originally Posted by MileHigh View Post
Aaron and everyone: It was fun discussing the circuit and the clips. I don't know if I will have much more to say unless people start crunching some power-in power-out numbers from real tests.

For Rosemary: No need to take a swipe at the "classical" types. Your comments impugning their abilities and understanding are way off base and they are not worth rebutting. I hope that some of what you learned will be beneficial to you. You dropped a hint about wanting to replace the diode across the coil-resistor with a LED because it makes sense to you to see it flashing and it likely would never have occured to you unless you were here on this forum to learn and I did not state it. The bottom line is results. Somebody has to run the setup and make make some credible power measurements, that is a fact that we can all agree on. Good luck!

MileHigh - why the aggression? No swipes made I assure you. I am absolutely unable to understand these comments. MileHigh, I am an AMATEUR. I cannot put a circuit together. And I can only draw very simple circuits. You guys - all - have forgotten what I know. Not only that - but nor am I into conventional power applications. So - not only do I not know - but nor am I ever likely to learn. I obsess about physics. You guys are practical. I have every respect.

What I really do need to understand is how you all apply classical understanding of current flow to any circuitry at all. I am constantly surprised at the difference in our view points. But everyone acknowledges that it is the classicist who has taken electrodynamics to levels unequalled in any other branch of physics. And that deserves my respect and lots of it. Please, if it seems that I have insulted you then I am truly sorry. Never meant. Really never meant.

What I now need to wrap my mind around is how you argue the result of the recharging. To me that is unarguably over 1. How can I counter your arguments unless I understand what it is. Sorry MileHigh - really - from every level. I did not mean to imply any disrespect for your knowledge. On the contrary. I only want to discuss.

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