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The first issue that possibly needs to be addressed is the fact that notwithstanding our exploitation of the forces neither classical nor quantum physicists have been able to explain energy, the thing itself. I think Newton was the trend setter. When asked what was gravity he replied 'I do not hypothesise'. The quote lacks appropriate reference but serves its point. Equations were developed that gave clear mathematical consequences and this new found precision gave the emergent science a foundation firmly established in accurate prediction. But this only advanced our exploitation of the forces rather than our understanding. The forces themselves remained elusive and mysterious. And, while this criterion to measure rather than postulate, established the foundations of science it also systematically appropriated to itself the right to use this science.

I'm not qualified to address the history of this development. I simply want to point to the fact that the essential properties of the forces were explained only in application. The understanding of the thing itself remained and remains unexplained. And it was in an attempt to understand the thing itself that encouraged my own modest studies of this subject.