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The first thing that I need to point out is that science has served us well. Possibly too much so. We've made a deep reach into understanding nature, courtesy the extraordinary achievements of our giants in physics. And I'm anxious to acknowledge this. But for all that we may have progressed and indeed, continue to progress and at pace - we are also constrained to the limitations of nature and perceived reality. We may have mastered Nature's forces but we are still at her mercy. And our exploitation coupled with our sheer numbers and general excesses - are factors that are forcing us to strain against energy's defined limits. Else there is the real concern that the pollution from our excesses will uptip that fine balance in Nature and we will, as quickly, reverse the extraordinary achievements of our civilization and it's objects of freedom and plenty.

That our excesses are causing these effects is not at question. And the results of these excesses looms large. We are constantly reminded of it through the media and - for some unfortunates - through the actual effects of Nature's harsh warnings. We have evidence in increasing incidents of floods, tornedos, melting ice caps, harsh winters, harsher summers, rising sea levels, depleting food reserves, and on and on. What is frightening is that we are also advised that unless something changes - then we may very well engender a new age of chaos where the fine structures of our societies will unravel in step with Nature's harsh lessons.

These concerns have forced a new focus on energy. There is a need to find a plentiful source of this. It must be clean and green. It must satisfy requirements without any attendant pollution. And it must be quickly and easily manifest - to subvert the trends to chaos that are evident all around us.

I sincerely believe that the search for free energy is gaining momentum in step with and as a result of this growing crisis. For now it's a fringe interest - precisely because it confounds a school of science that is predisposed to conservation laws and balance. To introduce the concept of free energy is to confront a history of belief that saw the world as a closed system where the checks and balance in the exchange of energy was predictably measured and measurable. To suggest that anything could emerge which was both abundant and limitless would disturb a mind set that has dominated centuries of science. But that is the nature of progress. The imagination must precede the fact and historically, our inventiveness has largely proved equal to the imagination.

But to exceed the constraints of our conservation laws needs a profound revision of those laws. Again, I fondly believe that I have found where this energy lies and that it is, indeed in great supply. My hope, through these posts is to show you precisely where it is and, hopefully how it can be better accessed and - indeed, some of the potentials of this energy. But again, with the proviso that you'll tolerate the presumption and the poor facilities available to me to explain these insights.

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