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I actually didn't realise that this thread existed. Having found it I believe I can indulge my interest in physics here and perhaps try and describe the model.

If anyone reads this - here's my warning. I'm an amateur - but, I hope, more in the sense that I trained myself - than in that I have no training. But for those readers who are not themselves into physics - that could be a good thing. Because, coming in from the outside - I am obliged to work with really basic concepts - and I believe therefore that my observations have a simplicity that makes it readily accessible to the layman.

If you're trained, I would urgently advise you to read no further. The chances are you'll be supremely irritated at the sheer presumption of my reach - the more so as there is very little that is mathematical and far too much that is conceptual. However, I do have a form of logic, albeit it idiosyncratic.

However, having said that there is the chance that, at it's worst - it might entertain a purist to see the bazaar machinations of thought applied by an outsider to the complexity of the forces. I have found an amazing tolerance of these ideas on the Naked Scientist forums. I'm hoping for the same here. But tolerant or not, I would be delighted to answer any questions, should there be any - otherwise I'll just waffle on - in the hopes that this thread may gradually get a readership - or lose the little it already has. Either way - I at least have a record of those ideas and - perhaps, the day will come when the ideas will be more readily understood.

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