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Guys - just to re-iterate a previous post of mine. We're in the happy position of being invited to give a demo of 'proof of concept' - I think - or else a working model (both easily accommodated) for a group here who may have found a market for the devices.

It seems such a ready made solution. I have been concentrating entirely on getting academics to approve this. How utterly stupid. We can go straight to the market. Why look for that endorsement. As and when we've got the actual 'application' or 'proof' or, indeed both, I will keep you fully updated. Hopefully we'll be able to post on youtube - but don't hold your breath. For me - that's a HUGE learning curve.

In any event. Once we've got our applications, you may be able to market and manufacture from your end. I only envisage battery operated at this stage. But it could be that we could show some financial sense in supplementing solar panels. I am just so fired up. I should have done this 8 years ago - instead of trying to convince on the logic side - just do the demos. I am definitely somewhat slow of thought. And it's all just so exciting. Glad henieck isn't with us to grade it. But if he needs a guide - I'd give it a 12 on a scale from 1 to 10.