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RAMSET - you asked what I'm using to heat our house? I'm afraid I'm linked to ESKOM which is the utility supplier. Nor have we any special insulation as such which is what Peter rightly recommends. The point is that there is no way that I know of to apply this system anywhere as my knowledge of electric circuit application is only experimental as it relates to small energies. But I do know that my co-author has wired up a house in our Town - that uses some small part of this system to help recharge batteries. That house is entirely 'grid free'. The problem here is that ESKOM use watt meters that are blocked to deny the opportunity of putting energy back to the grid. And - I do not know how to apply this energy on high wattages as required by the typical household. But henieck has some ideas here that I'm sure he'd be happy to share.

EDIT henieck - if you see this post could you answer?

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