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Originally Posted by witsend View Post
The following questions from TinselKoala's post.

Is the circuit in the Quantum paper correct or not?
I've answered this.
So the circuit in the Quantum paper is incorrect. Why don't you correct it?

What circuit was actually used to generate the data in the Quantum article and the EIT paper, since they describe the same experiment?
I've answered this.
So the Quantum circuit is incorrect, doesn't mention the diode at all, but the EIT circuit with diode is correct and was used to generate the data in the paper. Yes?


What are the links to your actual GRANTED PATENTS?
I've answered this.
Where? I've been reading the thread and I don't see the links to the granted patents. All I recall is you saying that you allowed the "patents" to lapse, which doesn't make sense as they aren't old enough to lapse, if they were granted patents. But it does make sense if they were only applications. So could you please give the links to the granted patents, just one more time?


These are very simple questions. Yet you dodge them like a politician.
I do not dodge them. But nor am I obliged to continually answer then.
You could have just answered them once, straight out with yes or no answers. But first you don't answer them, then you say you did.

Since we now all agree that the Quantum article has an incorrect circuit in it, when can we expect a correction or retraction?