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Originally Posted by TinselKoala View Post
Aaron, why aren't you concerned about these things?
If the magazine article needs correcting, it should be corrected but for a "replication" attempt, Rosemary said to focus on the paper, etc... and she is the authority on her own experiment.

I'm here to learn like everyone else or like most everyone else I would imagine and find the concept fascinating.

Even if the exact mosfet part isn't critical - because in concept others should act the same, it is in my opinion a good idea to get the exact one. On ebay, there are a few for about $5 each and $5 shipping so $10 for 1 if you buy just one. So, they are available.

Personally, I think it is important to use the same one. Even 2 identical components of the same part # will have differences. 2n2222 transistor, some will go negative and some won't. Two "identical" 680 ohm resistors may have a couple ohms different, etc... Many of us have seen this. There may be something to that exact mosfet that is required like the "anomalous" 2n2222 and a few other transistors.

TK, I enjoyed your videos and am looking forward to more and hope you are able to use the same part #'s. If you do or not is up to you.
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