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Is the circuit in the Quantum paper correct or not?

What circuit was actually used to generate the data in the Quantum article and the EIT paper, since they describe the same experiment?

What are the links to your actual GRANTED PATENTS?

These are very simple questions. Yet you dodge them like a politician.
Still dodging the simple questions, I see.

And once again, your post reveals that you aren't reading my posts. I clearly describe how my power calculations are made--more clearly than you do, that's for sure.

And I suggest to you, Rosemary, that you (or a colleague who knows how to read circuit diagrams) build your circuit and test it just as you have described above--the sweeping of duty cycles and freqs--and show us some scope shots. You just may learn something.

One thing you really should know is that DSOs like the FLUKE 199 are subject to some well-known errors, particularly with complex and spiky signals, and you should not always trust their readouts.