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Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
It has been made abundantly clear that YOUR posts are no longer welcome in this thread.

The experiment discusses a self-oscillating effect, which you and TK have not shown. To claim that is a "replication" is not true and the same parts were not used.

Gauss - do NOT post in this thread again. I started this thread and I'm asking you to leave. You are combative and have been attacking members of this forum. If you cannot contain yourself, go post in some other forum and in threads where your misunderstanding and bad attitude is appropriate. This thread and forum is not appropriate for that.
Until we can either reproduce Rosemary's claim to "self-oscillation" or see a screenshot from her illustrating what she's claiming, it must logically remain just that: a claim, without evidence.

And she has herself said that the particular MOSFET isn't critical. But then she's said a lot of things that have turned out to be, well, less than factual. And she published a circuit which people have been trying to build for SEVEN YEARS now, that is wrong, without correcting or retracting it.

Aaron, why aren't you concerned about these things?