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You say that I am not paying attention to your "explanations". Far from it. I am truly trying to understand several things. Such as why you have allowed an article with your name on it, which clearly contains several errors, to remain standing for 7 years without a correction being published. And I am trying to understand why, and how, you who are not an EE and who have said several times that it is not your area, yet you presume to teach us whose field it IS how to do power measurements--without even considering the effect of duty cycle--which you seem to think is handled automagically by the computation routine you have described. Do you understand what is meant by the phrase, "integration of the instantaneous power waveform"?
I find that extremely ironic. Your work is riddled with clear errors, some of which have been pointed out to you and many more which have not.

The assertions you make in your last post are unfounded and unsupported by data. Not just my data--yours as well.
And those of other researchers who have been trying this same scheme for many many years.

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