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Originally Posted by Mark View Post

You had some valid questions but with your antagonistic attitude you will most likely never get an answer.

Why would anyone want to help or answer your question when you are so insulting?

Rosemary has been kind enough to join our forum to help, she has no obligation too.
Do you want to read back through the posts since I've joined, and see who started insulting whom?

And why is it so difficult to give a straight answer to a simple question?

Why would anyone not say either

"OOPS, you're right, the Quantum diagram is wrong, it doesn't include the flyback diode, thanks for pointing that out, I'll publish a correction right away, and I'll also have my tech people look at the duty cycle issue"


"You are wrong TK, the Quantum circuit is indeed correct and you can't even build a simple circuit and test it properly."

Why, after her talking about "patents that were allowed to lapse for the public good", isn't my question about the patents vs. patent applications answered simply with a link to the granted patents?

Has anyone actually been "helped" by the things Ainslie has posted here?
Has anyone actually been "helped" by the things I have posted here?