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@ gauss

Originally Posted by Gauss View Post
Since you started this thread you should input your time to verify her claims. Instead of using longer and longer messages that lead nowhere. The other option is to let R-M present her findings in a more concrete form.

How hard can it be for R-M to send a device, make a video or have a presentation for professional engineers in SA???!

R-M or any of her friends have all the options, if she does not want to use either of them and you sit tight typing, how likely is this to work?

Aaron, please waste no more time on rhetoric, show us proof!!
It has been made abundantly clear that YOUR posts are no longer welcome in this thread.

The experiment discusses a self-oscillating effect, which you and TK have not shown. To claim that is a "replication" is not true and the same parts were not used.

Gauss - do NOT post in this thread again. I started this thread and I'm asking you to leave. You are combative and have been attacking members of this forum. If you cannot contain yourself, go post in some other forum and in threads where your misunderstanding and bad attitude is appropriate. This thread and forum is not appropriate for that.
Aaron Murakami