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Since you started this thread you should input your time to verify her claims. Instead of using longer and longer messages that lead nowhere. The other option is to let R-M present her findings in a more concrete form.

How hard can it be for R-M to send a device, make a video or have a presentation for professional engineers in SA???!

R-M or any of her friends have all the options, if she does not want to use either of them and you sit tight typing, how likely is this to work?

Aaron, please waste no more time on rhetoric, show us proof!!

Originally Posted by Aaron View Post

How many minutes would it take you to modify your the Quantum magazine article to match the one in the paper? I would guess it would take less time than it does for you to keep posting about what is wrong or different with the Quantum article. Rosemary already said to use the one in the paper.

Whether or not the Quantum article needs to be retracted, corrected, etc... is something suitable for a different conversation - and a patent or application status is irrelevant. What about working circuits that are never patented. They're not valid or don't work because they're not patented? She is right here in this thread telling you exactly what circuit to use. Why not use it? She is obviously staking her reputation on this circuit and that carries more weight than trivial nonsense like patent status.

Do you realize how many patents are granted that have devices that don't work? I'm not saying Rosemary's circuit doesn't work, just that a patent is not a requirement to have a valid circuit.

There is a US patent on a PERPETUAL MOTION MACHINE FROM GOD - go look it up if you don't believe me. So according to your logic, that patent is granted so it must work right?

The Czec govt is about the only one that I know that requires that something has to work in order to be given a patent - the pyramid shape razor blade sharpener is one example because it was proven to work. But again, still irrelevant.

The self-oscillation has been said to increase the efficiency but is not necessary but in either case, Rosemary's circuit went into self-oscillation and yours didn't so you can't say you replicated it. And because you can't, doesn't mean it is Rosemary's fault. You haven't even used the same mosfet.

There have been people that couldn't get the wheel to spin on a Bedini SG circuit and then they blame John. Go figure...

Bedini always said "Don't change it until it works" meaning do it like the inventor says - Rosemary said use the circuit in the paper - then once it works, then change components and do other modifications but not before.

All your questions are NOT critical to this discussion or purpose of this thread. Again, Rosemary said use the circuit in the paper.