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Originally Posted by pneuphysics View Post
Here is a spreadsheet with test results today, all day. Hope it helps someone. What I did basically was start with 1 strand of top coil wired in series with 1 strand of the bottom coil wired like jpg on left in post 328? Took readings then added another strand from top and bottom until all strands were in a big serial config generating over 300 vac PP. Wave shape looked the same for all. I will reserve my comments. Just raw data.

Each coil pair is 1.6 ohms x 4 pairs = total of 6.4 ohms when all are in series.

After skimming over Your report:

1: the AWG24 seems to be a kind of "short" over the series windings, "eating away" energy harvested from the fields?

2. There in 4 x #18 nearby lies the sweet-spot? Any AWG #16 handy?

excellent example of a benchmark
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