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Pneuphysics: Sorry, but it looks to me like the scope capture on the right is an example of when you have miswired the coils so that they are not adding together. Instead they are subtracting from each other. The clue to this is that the voltage scale on the left scope capture is 1 volt per division, and the voltage scale on the right scope capture is 0.1 volts per division. Since output power is proportional to the square of the voltage, the setup for the right scope capture can only produce 1/100th the power of the setup for the left scope capture.

You still get an output waveform becasue it is almost impossible for both coils to output exactly the same voltage at the same time. You can see that one of your magnetic flux paths couples better and dominates over the other flux path because you are not seeing any inverted fly-by waveforms. You can also see how one coil is slightly different from the other coil because you have alternating "high" and "low" fly-by waveforms.

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