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Hello Cloxxi - your point regarding the manufacture of the circuit makes really good sense. I'm hoping Donovan will be able to give his input here - in due course. But the precise components aren't the problem. I've had many different circuits built, different 555 switches and different fets. The thing I cannot understand is why you guys cannot get that osciallating frequency. And as I mentioned - we get it - as day follows night.

But - it's not that important. As I explained the benefit is immediate provided always that there is some energy returned during the off period of the switching cycle. I'm going to try and explain this again. But right now I'm exhausted. I'll try and deal with this again tomorrow. The trick is to take the product of the on and off cycle as the energy dissipated at the load, compared to the sum of the cycle as energy delivered by the battery. But to make these measurements one possibly needs some reasonably accurate oscilloscopes. In any event. I'll try again tomorrow.