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Originally Posted by dambit View Post
Hi Guys,

Hi Pneuphysics, one thing I am still unsure about is this. Does it matter which end of the coil we start the wind from. I understand the direction of the wind, CW or CCW etc, but do we start winding from the side closest to the magnets or the shaft? Does it make a difference? A more detailed coil schematic should help clear this up. For me anyway.


Super question, I will find out today - if so it may explain some problems in the past. with the GField i can change coil connects very easy. I'll keep you posted.

BTW MileHigh I agree totally with your comment about battery tests. Very difficult. I had to build a AD converter to measure voltage - a reasonable load - and write a program to disconnect the battery from the load at final discharge while taking a measurement every minute and logging the entry. And that was on the discharge side only. More complex on the charging side because you have to switch in your AD converter measure then back out cuz it affected the charge to be connected all the time.

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