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Good Morning All

I did a drawing of my coils as they are wound now in series and how it relates to a Kromrey. The Kromrey is on the right and GField on the left. This may help with your coil config since it is my opinion they are the same. Note the shaft going verticle thru the coils that would spin the coils inside of the stationary magnets (Kromrey fashion). The thing I like about GField is the magnets are easier to spin, no slip rings and the magnets can be adjusted very close to the coils without fancy machining on the coil ends or pole pieces. My purpose is not to change your direction to Gfield instead of Kromrey but to help with coil winding for the Kromrey. I no longer think I would wind the coils like the post I just put up from the net where all outside poles are the same. Instead I would wire mine like in this jpeg posted here. one coil wound cw and the other ccw just like Bedini showed in the video except when he gets to the right side end he comes from the front of the top coil continuing in the same direction back across the front of the bottom coil. Which if you look at it is the same cw and ccw coil arrangement. I believe (and my work shows this to be a high probability) when John got to the right side end he should have gone from the front of the top coil to the back of the bottom coil opposite end and wound that coil in the opposite direction all the way down. Again the cw and ccw wind is the same so how John did it may work as well. I will test this later today and let you know if I get the same results. So many possibilities

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