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Happy July 4th to our American friends.

I will just add my two-cent quick-ish comments!

Pneuphysics: Putting two generator coils in parallel should be avoided. It's impossible to have their instantaneous voltages match therefore the coil with the higher voltage will discharge into the battery and the other coil. The coil with the lower voltage will contribute nothing towards charging the battery. It's similar to never putting two batteries that are driving a load in parallel.

Dambit: The winding pattern for the coil is of no real importance. The most important thing is that the inner cross-sectional shape of the coil should ideally be the same size or larger than the cross-sectional shape of the magnetic flux path. The number of turns determines the inductance of the coil. If you wind the coil the in the "wrong" direction, just flip the wires and you are fine!

DonL: You are very welcome and I am glad it helped.

StevanC: Determining if the nature of the electricity from the convertor is "different" could indeed be the real challenge. If you want to ignore the "why" for now and look at the results that's perfectly valid. Many people may assume that you can look at battery voltages to make these types of measurements. I am sure many others know to make real measurements you have to run charging and discharging cycle tests with precise energy in and energy out measurements. That's not easy or fun and is a lot of work!

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