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Originally Posted by MileHigh View Post
I just want to mention a basic concept in electromagnetism because some people in the forum may not be aware of it and it should demistify the voltage waveforms that you observe from your convertor coils.

Some of you may be tempted to say, "This doesn't apply for this unconventional setup" and I can assure you that would be a very unwise way of thinking. For every person that uploads scope shots of their waveforms and pictures of their setups, you should be able to see how the scope shots relate back to the actual physcial build. By the same token, like I said before, you can simply look at how a convertor is built, look at the cross-sectional shape of the magnetic flux path, look at the cross-sectional shape of the coils, and look at the speed of the "fly by" between the magnetic flux path and the coils to make an estimate of what the voltage waveform from the convertor will look like before you even see it.

In all likelyhood, every Kromrey convertor will react as desribed above without exception. Finally, if you understood all of the above then it should not be a surprise to observe increasing voltage output from the coils when the RPM increases.
As John Bedini wrote: There is nothing on the (scope) trace that explains what charges the battery so good.

The charge the battery receives in the end is "different" yet "like" the normal DC charge one, except that a dead battery can receive it too.

all stuff the SSG, WM and Kromrey do can be traced on the scopes, but there seem to be "more than meets the eye"?

The alone property of the sub 5% duty cycle waveform seems to make good to the overall wet chemistry?

And there seems to be more "kinds" of electricity than we where supposed to be taught about?

So, i agree not to mystify the operation of the Kromrey when the scope-shots come in question - it seems it's nothing there unusual.

But if we where to quantize the amount of energy delivered to a battery compared to the amount recovered?

And that is the stumbling stone of all this past years IMO

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