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Originally Posted by xpskid View Post
Maybe this is a value we should start capturing and comparing ?

Last post for the night, I promise Just trying to answer posts top down and add my 2 cents in there. As you already know dv/dt is best extrapolated from your scope traces so you would have to have a scope #1. Not sure how many here have one. But I still think the peak is important too. When my coils were wired in parallel and the unit was powered by a drill 800rpm my pulses were maybe 5-7 vdc rectified and I could not charge a 12vdc battery. I got the same pulse waveform when I went in series and added a faster motor that gave me 30vdc rectified pulses that charged the 12vdc battery very quickly. I think both are important - just not sure why.

Good night and good luck all,
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