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Originally Posted by MileHigh View Post
Hey Timm,

You may be aware how in a Bedini motor the transistor driving the main power coil shuts off abruptly, and then you get the famous collapsing-field discharge spike from the power coil.

Note that in the Kromrey convertor there is no "breaking" of the circuit. To be absolutely clear, I am talking about the case where there is no load on the coils, and while the convertor turns you have your scope hooked up to the output from the two or four coiils in series. Are John Bedini's comments about this specific measurement setup? If yes, can you briefly state what his comments are? Thanks in advance. - MileHigh

Edit: Timm, yes indeed you are "breaking" the magnetic flux circuit whereas the electrical circuit remains unbroken. Sorry if I caused any confusion.
My 2 cents - I thing MileHigh has a good point. There is a difference in breaking magnetic flux and breaking a circuit. Flux disruption occurs much more slowly than a circuit break, simply because it is a mechanical mechanism.

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