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Gauss - and which education does you has? if you'll forgive the appalling grammer. Are you entitled to menace contributors to this forum? I would be most anxious to keep my addresses away from you under ALL circumstances. You appear to have a malice that has nothing to do with the interests and intentions of this forum. How dare you recommend that you get my address.

By the way - why are you not doing your own experiments? Why do you need Tinselkoala's analysis or, for that matter Peter's. Without a scientific training of some sort - I would closely question the degree of interest that you show in this subject. And IF on the other hand, you do have that scientific knowledge why not do your own test? I can promise you a result that will fly in the face of classical prediction on an entirely repeatable basis - with or without a resonating frequency.

I believe there are many more than 10 members who refute Tinselkoala's analysis of the circuit. It's positively ridiculous to claim a 90% ON from a 24 volt battery supply source and a standard MOSFET to tolerate those voltages. Certainly I have never managed it and I've tested the circuit over a 4 year period.

So to my question. Why such avid interest - and why the menace? To me it seems that there is an agenda here that has nothing to do with good scientific research. The real question is what is that agenda?