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Thumbs down off topic o-scope considerations

A 2nd hand (used) analog o-scope (Tektronix comes to mind) can have problems beyond repair:

1. selection knob has finite life and substantial price as a spare part.

2. Ac/Dc diodes can be burned and must be replaced as matched pair

A digital scope consideration:
25 MS/sec (Mega samples / second)
0.04 ms /25,000 samples / second
0.04 us /25,000,000 samples per second


40 ns = 5MHz
20 ns = 10MHz
10 ns = 20MHz

If You event of interest lasts 10ns, You better off a 5MHz single channel o-scope

If You look at a decent 5MHz dual channel, You might find it has a double sample rate in single channel mode (20 ns resolution)

some models have USB or rs232 port for serious data logging / analyzing

like the EXTECH 381295A.
see here: ""

Advanced users might say better advices here, but i sulee would look for that 10ns capable one. YMMV.
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