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Sorry about the off topic,

Having lived in Asia most of my life and knowing a little about how the manufacturing business works (some of my best friends own factories in China), I'll say this;

"No-name" brands are just that, a product that hasn't had it's badge glued on yet. Most of the major electronics houses get there products produced in asian factories, and many of these factories, as a side business, sell unbranded versions of the same "brand-name" products. Having said that, this obviously does not include your boutique brands, but it does include the majority.

If you want to save money (and I mean a lot of money) on equipment, contact the factories and by a sample. They don't advertise this but everyone sells samples of there product, usually at a highly reduced price. (as an example, I purchased two 200Ah true deep cycle batteries for US$200 + shipping). A good place to search is "". You can find anything and everthing.

I'm not advertising, just trying to help you save money.


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