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Question Yes, but...

Originally Posted by MileHigh View Post
StevanC: You said,

> As the coils break loose, a spike is induced

When most of us hear "spike" I think that we think of a Bedini motor collapsing-field discharge spike.

In the Kromery converter case, there are no Bedini-motor-style spikes. Yes, the waveform can look something like a spike, especially if the oscilloscope time-base is slow, but it's just a sharp rise or fall in the voltage waveform.
As is in Bedini style too, if "zoomed" to the split [us] range (0.2usec/div)

But if You run the Kromrey just right, You will get as sharp as this IMO. Have to check this still.


It's not the "pike" of the spike but the dV/Dt that is of interest?

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