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Originally Posted by pneuphysics View Post
I believe it is the reversal or short as you call it that is key to it's operation - conventional generator/coil laws do not always apply. Not sure but my measurements so far are encouraging to me.
Ok the short-speed up thing i can somehow understand it. Even though in my experience so far, it requires a too many turns coils to manifest the event (high impedance?) as well as rotor frequency should be damn high.

But, can you extract any energy out of the shorted coils by parallel applying the FWBR??? I think you cannot or minute amounts of it. If your experience is of the opposite, then i will happily give a try.

On the ssg driving motor I agree it is hard to get torque out of it. What was the specs of the one you built for driving the load?
see my PEREPITEIA-FEG ver1
(scroll down to pictures) Utilizing the SSG (axial mode though) for torquy operation is a costly fiasko! Cost me some 300 euros (400+ USD) !


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