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Originally Posted by xpskid View Post
From a non-EE point of view....
The longest time period appears to be peak to peak... so I'd interpret that as when the magnets are moving to the next pole.
The magnet move into the pole center line, approaching the core which is polarized opposite from the previous magnet. The pos peak (under the first 2) is the result of reversing the core and closing the flux circuit. As the magnet leaves, the field dumps through the coil, the resulting immediate reversal peak. Using SSG/Bedini logic, the very sharp reversal should be the key. The next cycle start opposite (Neg) but is a similar process.

Is that consistent with your interpretation Pneuphysics ?

Yep - i also noticed a big difference in output with respect to speed. Not scientific but i was able to get non rectified pulses of only 4 to 5vdc with a drill motor. when i went with a 24vdc motor it went up to 58vdc. I know someone mentioned there is a speed curve but so far i do not see an end to the pulse potential. One of my magnet bars center hole did not machine straight, i need to put it back on the mill and bore it out. Also, i am searching my junk drawer to find a larger dc motor. I do have a 100hp aircraft starter generator. whoo hoo probably send my magnets into the 10 dimension

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