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MileHigh - 8)

MileHigh -

It sure as hell looks like that doesn't it? lol Sometimes you gotta look harder! lol
Don't use black construction paper, use tracing paper!

I have a question or two: For the unrectified waveform, is that across just one coil? Can you describe the what magnet polarity sequence the coil sees as it goes around a full turn? (It looks to me like N-S or N-S-N-S if there are four magnets)

Sure - the unrectified waveform is taken from the rectifier ac inputs. The bars in my picture (2, one on each side of the coil) have a C8 ferrite magnet ssg standard 7/8x1 7/8x3/8 one at each of the 4 ends and are N,S. So when 2 magnets cross the top they are N,S and on the bottom those crossing at the same time on the bottom coil are S,N the opposite.

For the cancelled potentials stuff I can only ask you to try some stuff and see for yourself. I am very confident on my side.

Have you ever built anything that displayed COP>1 taking its extra input from an unknown or unconventional source?

Happy OUing
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