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Originally Posted by pneuphysics View Post
XpsKid - Thanks for the warm welcome -

Here are a couple pics - 1 while glueing the coils mounts in gives a good shot of the coils. For scale the center bolts are 1" diameter and the plastic side squares are 4 1/4" on each side.

The other shot is taken during testing setup.

I am working on that wiring you requested, since it is not the same as the 4 coil rotary i will draw and scan it in. I do have a drawing i may include now that shows how the coils are wound but is connected in parallel.

Take care,

Looks like a G-Field unit ! That's great

There are a couple folks working on this design, I'm sure you'll hear from them.
One point the I know Lambda and myself are working on is John's statement in the DVD (Town Hall Meeting .... I believe, off the top of my head 1:49 +) that " You must produce 2 figure eight patterns" . Not sure how that fits in or how it's wound.... but it appears you've moved the group closer to a low impedance wind.

When you get a chance, fill us in on the specific's of you build.

I assume you didn't do anything with the trigger wire.... just open ended ?


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