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I have re-wound my coils and they are now in the configuration that John Bedini recommends on the DVD. I am not noticing any of the effects that John shows in the DVD, and I believe I know why (I need to tri-filar my coils for one). I would really appreciate any other thoughts on this, because I am stuck and believe this is the key.

On EFTV 10 DVD around 34:30 into it, John draws out the circuit, with the coils in a tri-filar configuration, all in series. He said, "We found out it was an impedance problem. You cut the impedance by 3." He mentions that the impedance of the coils would be 3 ohms, and then when tri-filar wound it should drop to .4 ohms. He mentions impedance, not resistance! Well, impedance has many variables as most of you know, and to calculate the impedance in this particular case, you would first measure the inductance of the coil, and use the standard formula to get your inductive reactance (impedance).

X(L) = 2*pi*f*L, X(L) being inductive reactance as I cannot do subscripts on here.

Now, plug in the inductance you measured and then the other variable would be your frequency, which is based upon the RPM and the number of poles. If it is a 4 pole, I imagine there would be 4 pulses per revolution, so multiply the RPM by 4. Now I can see why John states it is a bell curve, and is speed dependant, as the impedance is frequency dependant.

I certainly appreciate any and all feedback as we are all in the same boat trying to figure this out and understand the technology. This is all sounding very familiar with the SSG having a purely reactive output, as it seems we are seeking the same thing in this case as well.


Mike H.

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