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Originally Posted by pneuphysics View Post
Hello all,

This unit is not pretty but i think it may help someone on here when i get my details posted. I am noticing some neat anomolies with respect to speed and geometry. The output wave was the key that got me to where I am.

Got to get back to work

That is great !! Thanks for joining us on Steve Forum

I know several people here have iron's in many different fires trying to draw together a collective of thoughts... some sources want to remain anonymous, but we're trying to get the details out without breaking any trust.

Please share your details when possible...

There is a general concensus building that the mechanical part isn't too difficult, but the windings and impedance values have been a challange. It's good to see someone try a quadfilar to examine even lower inductance. Anything special about your wind, direction, or coil sequence ?

Looking forward to seeing your build.

Thanks !!

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