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Originally Posted by dllabarre View Post
I don't mean to be a PITA ...

PITA? LOL! Man we are to share views and info. The more specific and technical we get the more closer to any solution we are.

In order to witness the accelaration effect (at worst the non slow-down effect when coil is shorted) my setup is composed:

A rotor 12'' diam composed of 6 neomagnets 1'' diam all north face out.
RPM must be 1200+
Coil single wire, 29AWG at 75 ohms! When shorted accelaration DOES occur.
Nothing else on the others oddities mentioned.

I hope this helps,

.................................................. .

Ultimately, it does not matter how many turns your coils are wound to, as long as the coil dimensions are about the same, the maximum power output from the convertor will be the same. You just have to change the load resistor to find the match for a given coil setup.
Very true. In a given setup (magnet strength, topology, coil's core material and shape, rotor rpm) any given coil has a specific amount of output no matter how the windings are.
But, in order to extract the maximum energy out of it, it is desired the least ohmic resistance possible.
Anyway, the accelaration effect requires great coil impedance and NOT low coil impedance. The accelaration effect also does stack as you connect many coils in series in same phase. That's my (note that) experience.


ps: do it yourself

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