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possibly relevant info from Kromrey's patent

The patent cited in the video is Kromrey's Patent #3374376. In reading the patent again I picked up on a couple things. I know John said generically that the patent was wrong, but I will cite the points here in case they are possibly relevant to successful replication.

Point #1: It is claimed that laminations are used in the pole pieces (stator), and in the armature pieces. The patent does stipulate which direction the laminations are to be stacked. The exact wording (starting in Column 2, line 24) is this: "The armatures... may consist in essence of highly permeable foils whose principle dimension is perpendicular to the rotor axis." I assume the "principle dimension" to be the length.

Point #2: The ends of the armature pieces are curved to match the concave surfaces of the pole pieces such that the air gap is constant throughout rotation.

Point #3: The sum of the arcs of the four poles have a sum totaling 90 degrees of rotation. This means that each arc covers 22.5 degrees of rotation.

Point #4: It is claimed that the power output does not change linearly with speed of the rotor. Column 4, line 62 onward states that the power output did not drop substantially even with a 25% reduction in rotor speed, and in another test the output did not change substantially over the range of 1600 rpm down to 640 rpm.

Perhaps these points are worthy of consideration.
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