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JLN's replication with comments from John Bedini

I've read posts on this site for some time, and this is my first post. Anyhow, I hope I'm not posting information that has already been brought to the groups attention, but I found it to be of value. I myself am in the process of replicating the Kromrey Converter, and am having trouble getting mine "inside of the bell curve". My current build is one in which the magnets rotate and the coils are static, and the next one is in the process of being machined by a friend and myself, and will resemble John's in EFTV 10. What seems to be the most difficulty is tuning of the coils & RPM to get it inside this bell curve. I believe we need to identify the criteria in which you know you are running not only inside this curve, but once there, how to optimize the coils and RPM of the motor to reach the peak. Back in 1996, Jean of JLN labs replicated Cole's G-field generator. What I found that would be applicable is John Bedini's comments at the end. Jean's replication and results can be found here:

G-Field V1.1 Test Report


Comments from JOHN BEDINI :


Their is a difference between My G-Field and Jeans, Go to My section and look at the pictures I have put up there in motors and ideas, You will see that My Machine has four poles with permeate magnets on the out side. The G-Field is a flux gate generator the curve in which it works is very important along with the windings most of these generators will at some point be 120% or better, but it must be matched to the load. It runs on a Bell Curve so You must be at the top of this curve at the correct speed, I have suggested to Jean that he uses a brushless motor and a non- magnetic shaft this is very important. the 10 inch generator on my page uses a motor that only draws 1amp or 12 watts at 12 volts the output from this proto-type generator is 14.5 volts at 5 amps = 72.5 watts, But 2.5 amps moves back inside the generator so you are left with 36.25 watts to back charge the batteries.

When building this Generator You must build it with Transformer laminations or You will have Eddie current losses in the pole pieces this will cost you 10 watts or better. The way to get the current out of the Generator ,You must"Tri-filer wind the coils" this lowers the Impedance of the coils, The coils are in series on this machine. As You can see that 1/2 the power moves back into the generator you must get this out of the coils "BY LOWERING THE COIL IMPEDANCE" and matching to the load you want to power. One more thing that I might add to are discussion is that when the G-Field is operating correctly the motor current must move down under load to 1/2 the power input, as You can see now the power input drops to 6 watts . "Ron Cole's Test were done under full DC conditions, The G-Field output "MUST BE FULLY RECTIFIED AND FILTERED TO PURE DC".

I hope You understand what I have said here, because this is why they have all failed at making this Machine.

John Bedini



I hope this is of use to the group. (As they say, the devil is in the details...)

Kind Regards,

Michael Hess
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