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Sceptic or realist?


'We' are building a Kromrey and I'm not a sceptic as I've probably built more derivatives of rotor and solidstate SG's than a considerable number of other people.

I have 2off 6" aluminium rotored devices and more solid state devices with every modification JB has revealed to such as the OTG group so with respect to other builders here I am in a position to talk with some experience behind me.

I've charged up to 1350Ahr battery banks consisting of 12off Trojan T105's.

I would love to confirm some of the clues we're directed to look for on this device. A colleagues build of a Ron Cole motor has shown that this type of device will increase speed when shorted out so I don't doubt that the Kromrey will.

We will be determining the actual temperature of this 'cold air' using a highly sophisticated device called a thermometer which will be corrected for the effective wind speed. Such devices are somewhat less subjective than the back of the hand test.

Equally battery case temperature will be determined using a thermometer.

The No.1 question I have is that 'we' won't know if we have succeeded in replicating the device that John has shown as we have no definitive test to copy i.e. drive the converter with a known voltage/ amperage for a set period than apply a known load to the battery charged.

Given John changed the target figure between 120 and 180% during the DVD it still wasn't clear what he meant by OU.

As I understand it in the past OU has been defined by John as the comparison between what goes in to the battery and what you get out (please correct me if I'm wrong).

Thus my understanding is that the reason why John says nobody is intererested until you hit 300% is that the average conversion efficiency of such as an SG is only circa 35% and thus you'd need 300% 'OU' to be ahead of the game.

Hopefully in due course we'll be bale to put some figures to all this.

Can I suggest somebody asks John for more details of the materials used in the build of a Kromrey??????????????????????????????


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