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replication and parts

I think it would be fair to post any project here using an inductive resistor that is along the lines of what Rosemary Ainslie has done. Charge inductive resistor, take away power and recycle the spike to produce more heat.

Preferably, it would be a straight replication attempt to spec but I don't think it has to be.

I find it hard to even get the Mosfet that is specified without having to order a minimum of 300+ from Mouser for example. I found it on Ebay and they have is about $5 and about $5 shipping so $10 for one. If anyone else has a simple source please post it.

Also, I have not found a resistor that matches what Rosemary used. It sounds like she wound her own. In the Quantum article it says:

"The load resistor was wound to deliberately yield an inductance. The inductance measures 8.64 uH and generates high voltage spikes during the 'off' period of each switching cycle."

* 10 Ohm ceramic, hollow core, wire wound resistor. Length is 150mm. Diameter 32mm. 48 turns of resistive wire spaced 1mm.

But maybe saying "wound to deliberately yield an inductance" is a reference to the fact that these resistors are already wound to deliberately yield an inductance.

Anyway, if anyone knows of a source of a resistor that exactly matches these details, please post.
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