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To make a loop in ANY system is not easy, and what you have written is so full of holes that I will not go into all the detail.
@Dr. Stiffler & all
I agree totally, the first is the claim as it was found EXACTLY in the experiment of hers but with a better control of how the data is collected, outside these perameters is not a replication. This said I will not be doing this as I have moved on to experiment with a near resistive only load but with a resonant drive circuit, I found that I could not get a perminent resonance in her set up, and trying to track the changing resonance was proving too difficult. I feel that the most important part, and probably the only part to all possible energy plus systems be it electronic/electrical or mechanical or electro magnetic or only magnetic is the point of harmony (RESONANCE), at this point is when something changes, and this can not be explained, at the moment, by anybody, not only my view and found by experiment, but a view of many scientists whom have been laught at and discarded in the scientific scene.
I will post my findings when I have concluded my tests.
@Dr. Stiffler
I think that the mosfet that she was using is working in a similar form to your semi conductor used in your circuit, I think self resonating in some form or other! change the mosfet for one similar and it does not have the same results (in her circuit).

Good safe experimenting to all