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Big Problems

Originally Posted by jas_bir77 View Post
hi, i am not a technical person at all. i was just wondering if Rosemary Ainslie circuit can be a looped system.
what i mean to ask is that can we get a loop system using Rosemary Ainslie circuit using the system described below.
1. we get a electric boiler and fill it with steam using electricity from the grid.
2. we use that steam generated to generate electricity, now using this circuit produce steam from the electricity generated in 1st step.
this steam should be 15 - 20 times more,since Rosemary Ainslie circuit is 15- 20 times more efficient. again using the steam generated in pt 2 (15-20 times more than in pt 1) we produce electricity using a steam generator.
now if the electricity produced at pt 3 stage is more we can loop the sys.

eg .(this is a totally hypothetical figures i am taking ).

1. we use 10 kWh (from grid) to produce lets say 10 kg of steam (1 kWh =1 kg of steam) .

2. 10kg of steam produces 8 kwh of power.(80 % efficient)

3. 8 kWh produces 136 kg of steam (8 * 1 * 17) using Rosemary Ainslie circuit.

4. 136 kg of steam produces 108.8 kWh

now we use 100.8 kWh as excess power and use the remaining 8 kwh back to produce 136 kg of steam and so on.

kindly comment on the calculations.

if any tecnical person reads this feel free to give the exact conversion numbers for electric to steam conversion and stem to electric conversion.

since we already have the rest of the things( boiler , steam generator) easily available all we need is Rosemary Ainslie circuit to work and all our energy problems could be solved very easily.
since i am not a technical person i do not have the ability to contribute in testing of this circuit, but i would be grateful if more and more people test and develop this circuit and give laymen like the easy to follow instructions to make this circuit work.
Dear Jasbir,

Your speculations and math are not useful. The biggest problem is there is no technology to convert heat to electricity at 80% efficiency, as you suggest. Even large, multi-step steam turbines, like the ones in commercial power plants, are still only about 35% efficient.

The purpose of this thread is NOT to jump out to the idea of a "closed loop" but to LEARN THE SCIENCE of the system. The most important idea presented here is that HEAT can be produced by the "circulation" of electricity, and NOT just by its "dissipation". First, run the experiment and learn the science. All of the possible applications will come in due time.