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There is something a tid bit deceiving about that youtube video. Losses in the secondary LC are reflected on the primary, it is a 1:1 energy Transfer mechanism. The reason is because the load (bulb) is a resistive load and as one can clearly see from the math of it all, resistance is detrimental unless it is driven by an inductance!. If you can find another load, which is stable like a resistance, but does not add resistance to the circuit, then you are really in business, Dr. Lindemanns motor is a good starting place for designing such a load!

Think about it in these terms. In nature, all processes, and energy transfers are done with "reactive power" It is rare to see a natural process where the kinetic and potential are perfectly in phase throughout the process. Therefore, our machines should follow suit, If you have a reactive start, but incorrectly add a non reactive load, then you are not following natural process.