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closing the loop

Hi Jas,

That was one of my original thoughts about an efficient heating circuit. Use heat to make steam to turn a turbine and turn electric generator or use heat on a thermocoupler to make electricity and put that back to the front.

But, both thermocouplers and steam turbine to electric - aren't they both 20% or less efficient?

I'm not sure what a Sterling Engine's efficiency is, probably low too. Could turn a little generator that charges a cap and feeds back to the battery or at least input.

I'm sure other ideas about this will surface here.

With 17-20 cop possibility, I'd be happy with just taking all the heat as heat to heat water in a hot water tank for example. The cost to make hot water would then be almost nothing and I would be happy to pay almost nothing Regular heating elements are high efficiency even at 3000 watts..efficient as far as the current turning directly into heat but heat pump hot water heater retro-fits can make the same heat for only 400-600 watts so that is several COP right there and that can be had now.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to EXACT replication attempts first just to validate the efficiency. The quantum article even gives turns, spacing, etc... of the 10 ohm wire wound resistor, etc...

Armagdn03 is the first to show on youtube that I know of that you can power a heating element (incandescent bulb) with purely reactive power
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