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@all, hi i am not a technical person , so i just wanted to confirm that if this replication is a success then will it be possible to loop this system.
what i mean is that we first use electricity from the grid to make some steam in a boiler then run a steam powered generator to produce electricity, then using this circuit use that electricity to produce 15 - 20 times more steam (since this circuit is 15- 20 times more efficient) then from the extra steam generate 15- 20 times more electricity and loop the system and use the excess electricity.
point to consider
1. efficiency of converting electricity to how much steam will be made in kg by using this special circuit.
2. then efficiency of steam to convert it back to electricity (using a steam generator) ie. the amt of kWh produced by using the above generated steam (pt 1).
3. now if kWh produced in pt 2 is more than kWh consumed in pt 1 we have cop >1 in electric terms and thus a loop system is possible .

thanks for reading.