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Resonance In Another Form

Hi all,
I will put my two penny worth into this as more mechanical than electronic! If you have a shaft with a gear of say 20 teeth and connected to this are two other shafts with gears each of 15 teeth and one of these shafts is connected to a motor of 1hp you have a split of power between the other shaft with 15 teeth and the shaft with 20 teeth in a ratio of the teeth of each shaft. Now if you put in energy on the other shaft with 15 teeth and this energy came from a source exactly equal to the 1hp on the other you would have resonance and the power output on the shaft with 20 teeth would be equal to 2hp, but there is resonance and as so the input is still only equal to the 1 hp of one of the motors and as so you have 1hp in and 2hp out, OU no, the reduction in input or the increase in output has come from a harmony of one input and the other, a reduction of stress, may be, opening a door for natural energy to come in, yes I think so, well it is my opinion, energy from "the vacuum" to put a word for it.

Well this is to show that mechanical and electrical excess or reduction in energy is the same, "RESONANCE" I hope I have made myself clear

Regards to all