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Originally Posted by Paul Harmans View Post
If you need a north- and a south pole on the U shape magnet stack in the Kromrey, do you have to switch halfway the stack the magnets from polarity and push the top half and bottom half of the stack firmly together?

And can I use, instead of mild steel blocks, longer magnets on top and down of the smaller magnets to form the U shape?


Hi Paul,

If you turn half of the stack over and push the two together you end up with the same polarity at both ends. That's not what we want.

As far as using a longer magnet at the end of each stack...... I guess so. I have never tried it, but I'm not sure it would work as well. You want to make the pole turn 90 degrees to make the U shape. If you just used a longer magnet there would be a small neutral area in the center of the longer magnet and this would be inefficient. That's just my opinion so don't let that stop you experimenting. I could be wrong.


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